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December Newsletter - St. Peter&#39

St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church
December 2014 News for You
“Do not be afraid; for see —I am bringing you good news
of great joy for all the people: to you is born this day in
the city of David a Savior, who is the Messiah, the Lord.”
Pastor: Rev. Bjoern Meinhardt
Associate Pastor: Rev. Peter Lurvey
Lay Minister: Teresa Peters
St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church
65 Walnut Street Winnipeg, MB R3G 1N9
Phone: 204 775-6477 Email:
Web Site:
Communion every second and fourth Sunday of the Month
Pastor’s Message
Solveig's View of Christmas
My daughter Solveig has a pretty literal understanding of
Christmas when it comes to (pop-cultural) icons of the season –
such as: Santa Claus, the elves, and reindeer. The following “preChristmas” incident happened a few years ago when Solveig was a
little over eight years old.
One December morning I sat with Solveig on the couch in the
living room. We looked outside. Fresh snow was covering the
ground of the Seattle area where we lived at the time.
All of a sudden, Solveig told me about a deer. Since we were
used to seeing deer in the backyard, I asked her if she had seen one
in the backyard. She told me “No.” Instead she pointed to the roof,
and her little fingers made some movements that simulated the
walking of a person on the roof. Then, she pointed to the fireplace
and told me, in a deep voice (while covering her chin with one
hand), “Ho ho ho.”
As if this had not been enough of a hint, Solveig then got up
from the couch, took one of the blankets (which, on the one side
was dark red, on the other side beige) and carefully spread it out on
the floor. She placed several of her toys on the blanket and
wrapped it together like a bundle, with the red side being on the
outside. After that, she swung the blanket over her shoulder and
carried it over to where I was still sitting. Placing the blanket in
front of me, Solveig told me, “Merry Christmas, daddy.”
I had watched Solveig's pretend-play with amazement. When
she gave me the “gifts,” I told her, “Thank you.” A moment later, I
added, “You know, Christmas is about the birth of Jesus.” The
joyful and playful expression on her face changed immediately. I
could tell that she did not like my answer. In fact, she got really
mad at me. In a rather serious tone, she replied, “No! [It's about]
Presents. More. More! MORE!”
Solveig has captured the secular sense of the Christmas season
with its strong emphasis on giving gifts.
Of course, there is nothing wrong with giving gifts. Of course,
an eight-year-old child – just like any other person – is looking
forward to receiving gifts. Christmas has been a season of giving
right from the beginning, although not in a commercial sense. On
Christmas, we celebrate God's personal and precious gift to us in
the birth of his Son Jesus.
In Jesus, God offered us the gift of salvation and forgiveness of
sin; something no material wealth can buy. God granted us a gift so
valuable, which we human beings did (and: do) not deserve. There
is nothing we could or can do to return God's favour. The birth of
Jesus truly puts us at the receiving end of God's grace and love.
May God bless you richly this Christmas, as we celebrate God's
gift of a Saviour to us!
Bjoern E. Meinhardt, Pastor
Solveigs Weihnachts-Ansicht
Wenn es um ein zeitgenössisches Verständnis von Weihnachtsgestalten geht (wie Sankt Nikolaus, den Elfen und den Rentieren),
dann hat meine Tochter Solveig doch eine sehr wörtliche Auffassung, wie die folgende Begebenheit zeigt, die sich vor ein paar
Jahren zugetragen hat, als Solveig gerade mal etwas älter als acht
Jahre alt war.
An einem Dezembermorgen saßen wir gemeinsam auf dem Sofa
im Wohnzimmer. Durch das Fenster schauten wir nach draußen.
Dort sahen wir den frischen Schneeteppich, der sich gerade über
die Gegend von Seattle ausgebreitet hatte.
Plötzlich erwähnte Solveig ein Reh. Da wir es gewohnt waren,
Rehe im Garten als ständige Besucher zu sehen, fragte ich sie, ob
sie eins draußen gesehen hätte. Sie sagte mir, „Nein.“ Stattdessen
zeigte sie dann mit ihrer Hand zum Dach hinauf. Ihre kleinen Finger simulierten die Marschbewegung einer Person, die über das
Dach läuft. Schließlich deutete sie zum Kamin, bedeckte mit einer
Hand ihr Kinn und sagte dann, mit einer tiefen Brummstimme:
„Ho ho ho.”
Als ob ich den klaren Hinweis auf Santa Claus nicht verstanden
hätte, stand sie dann vom Sofa auf, nahm eine Decke, die auf der
einen Seite beige, auf der anderen dunkelrot war, breitete sie auf
dem Fußboden aus und legte ganz sorgfältig einige ihrer Spielzeuge darauf. Danach packte sie das Bündel zusammen, schwang es
über ihre Schulter – die rote Seite zeigte nach außen – und platzierte es vor meinen Füßen. Mit einem selbstzufriedenen Ausdruck
wünschte sie mir dann „Merry Christmas, daddy.”
Fasziniert hatte ich ihr bei ihrem Spiel zugeschaut. Ich sagte ihr
„Danke“, als sie mir die „Geschenke“ brachte. Einen Augenblick
später fügte ich an: „Weißt du, bei Weihnachten geht es um die Geburt Jesu.“ Ihr Gesichtsausdruck änderte sich sofort. Ich sah, dass
ihr meine Antwort gar nicht gefiel. Und in einem sehr seriösen Ton
belehrte sie mich: „Nein! [Es geht um] Geschenke. Mehr. Mehr.
Solveig hat den gesellschaftlich-säkularen Charakter der Weihnachtszeit, der zu sehr auf das Geben von Geschenken bedacht ist,
sehr gut aufgenommen.
Natürlich ist gegen das Geben von Geschenken nichts einzuwenden. Natürlich freut sich eine (damals) achtjährige Person auf
Geschenke, wie auch so viele andere Menschen mit ihr. Im Grunde
geht es bei Weihnachten auch tatsächlich um ein Geschenk, obwohl nicht im kommerziellen Sinne.
An Weihnachten erinnern wir uns natürlich an Gottes kostbares
Geschenk an uns: seinen Sohn Jesus Christus, den er uns zur Erlösung und zur Befreiung von unserer Sündenlast gegeben hat. Ein
Geschenk, das wir nicht verdient haben, das uns Gott aber aus
freien Stücken und inniger Liebe dennoch gegeben hat. An Weihnachten erfahren wir also als Empfangende, was Gnade und Liebe
Möge Euch dieses Gnadengeschenk Gottes, das Ihr erhalten habt,
auch diese Weihnacht reichlich segnen.
Björn E. Meinhardt, Pfarrer
Our mission committee has finalized a long term mission projects
support plan beginning with 2015. However, the committee will review
the list each year as circumstances may change. The council has
approved the following:
a) NALC central administration
b) NALC seminary
c) Canadian Mission District
d) Canadian Lutheran World Relief
e) St. Aidan’s
f) Malawi Orphan Project
g) Teresa Peters’ tuition contribution
The remaining mission donation money will be sent to one year/short
term mission projects after Dec. 31, 2014 when we know definitively
how much mission money has come in for 2014. All mission donations
have to be allocated each year.
Unser Missionkomitee hat den Plan für eine langfristige
Missionsunterstützung, beginnend mit dem Jahr 2015, beschossen.
Jedoch nimmt sich das Komitee vorbehalten diese Liste jedes Jahr den
Umstände entsprechen ändern zu können. Unser Kirchenrat hat dem
Folgenden zugesprochen:
a) NALC central administration
b) NALC seminary
c) Canadian Mission District
d) Canadian Lutheran World Relief
e) St. Aidan’s
f) Malawi Orphan Project
g) Teresa Peters’ tuition contribution
Für Gelder das wir weiterhin für Mission-Spende bis zum 31. Dezember
2014 erhalten sollen für Jahr/kurzfristige Mission Projekte bestimmt
werden. Alle besondere Mission Spenden die wir jedes Jahr erhalten,
wie immer, werden dementsprechend weitergeleitet.
Many of us carry debit cards but seldom cash. Cheques are becoming
more expensive. We do most of our banking and bill paying on-line.
St. Peter's Church now has the option of Pre-Authourized Remittance.
Signing up with PAR allows for a once a month transfer of funds from
your bank account to the church's bank account. You decide how much
you would like to give and you can also designate whether the funds are
a Budget or Mission donation. There is a small fee of 50 cents for each
deposit and funds are transferred immediately from one account to the
other on the 20th of each month. You can make changes to your
donation amount by simply filling in a change form by the 1st of the
month. Information sheets and Sign up forms are available on the
Narthex bulletin board. If you have any questions or need a form
please talk to Sandra Terra –Treasurer.
Sunday Morning Worship assistance needed!!
Reading, Ushering, Communion Assistants.
If you can help please contact the office!
Please consider giving your gifts to God.
St. Peter’s Youth
"Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set
an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in
purity." 1 Timothy 4:12
Upcoming Dates:
Dec 17th, 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm Advent service followed by
Confirmation Class
Dec 21st, 11:00 am Sunday School & Youth Christmas Program
Dec 21st, Bake Sale Fundraiser!!
Dec 30th, 7:00 pm Pre New Year’s Party Teresa’s House!!!
Jan 2nd, 7:00 pm Band Practice
Jan 5th, 11:00 am Family Sunday followed by Hot Lunch
Jan 9th, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm Youth Event Peace Lutheran Church
Jan 23rd, Special Youth Event Stay tuned for information
Jan 30th, 7:00 pm Band Practice
Feb 1st, 11:00 am Family Sunday followed by Hot Lunch
Feb 8th – 16th – Teresa on Holidays
***All dates, time and events are subject to change, please
make sure Teresa has correct e-mail addresses and phone numbers to
keep you updated!!!
Teresa Peters
Lay Minister
(204)338-2440 – Home
(204)292-6229 - Cell
December 21st !!!!
In between the 9:15 am and the 11:00 am
Look for AMAZING BAKING in the Narthex!!!
In the last issue of our Newsletter there was an article thanking
me for my work in getting our digital sign up and running. I appreciate
the kind words but cannot take all the credit.
There are a lot more people who deserve a thank you for being involved
and helping to get the sign operational.
Thanks to the SIGN COMMITTEE (Michael Zacharias, Jason
Peters, Wolfgang Oppitz) for their input and guidance, especially for
Michael who was there from the beginning, including getting estimates
and commissioning the sign in my absence.
To Gerhard Roehr for offering his help if we needed to go for a
public hearing, and finding the location of the “mystery” breaker for the
power supply.
Thanks to Mr. Ferdinand Schmidt, one of our own in house
electricians, for his contribution of labour including some materials at
no cost to the church.
To Chris of INSIGHT ELECTRIC for providing the electrical permit
so the City of Winnipeg can inspect and approve the sign so that it can
be turned on.
Last but not least thanks for our supplier POSTIME SIGNS for the
excellent job they have done, including several items and labour free of
Thanks to all,
Steve Herbst
Purchasing Agent
If you wish to adorn St. Peter’s Sanctuary for Christmas
with a lovely Poinsettia Plant, please bring your plant to
the church Sunday December 21st. Thank you!
We need your e-mail address! The cost of postage
continues to go up! The cost of printing and paper is
ever rising! If you can get your newsletter via e-mail
rather than in print, please contact the office at:
All women are invited!!!
The Women’s Circle would like to invite ALL WOMEN to come out
on January 25th, 2015 for an afternoon full of fun, fellowship and
laughter!! Following the 11:00 am we will have a Pot Luck and
then enjoy the movie comedy, “Mom’s Night Out.”
We even offer free babysitting, available upon request for all
Mark the date on your Calendar!!
Looking for a gift for the
person who has everything?
Look no further than
CLWR's Gifts from the
Heart catalogue for a
selection of gifts that are
needed by people in refugee
camps and impoverished
communities. Donate one
today in honour of friends
and family this Christmas.
Gift cards for your recipients
are available upon request.
St. Peter’s
Food Bank
Thank You for your generosity! Our Food Bank is looking better
but we still need to fill bags on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the
month, especially through the winter. Please bring your items and
place them at the Cross at the front of the sanctuary. The items
most in need are: canned vegetables, canned fruit, meal in a can,
pasta, pasta sauce and canned meat.
"A generous man will himself be blessed, for he shares his food with the
poor." Proverbs 22:9
FEBRUARY 22, 2015
Combined Service, 10:30 am
Followed with lunch and meeting at 1:00 pm
Please mark your calendar, so you won’t forget to
The year is coming to an end (way to quickly). Your completed
reports for the Annual General Meeting Yearbook
need to be in the office by December 30, 2014. For reports in
both languages you will be responsible for the translation.
If you wish to send the report by email the address is Written copies of course will
also be accepted. Thank you.
The Sunday School is very excited to present this year’s Christmas
play, “UnFrozen” to be held December 21st during the 11:00 am
Invite your Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Friends, and Neighbours
to join the fun!!
Please contact
Anita ( or 204 261-3740 or
Reba ( or 204 775-8770
for any questions.
December 24, Christmas Eve
Candle light Services
3:30 PM Bilingual Service
5:00 PM German Service
7:00 PM English Service
December 25, Christmas Day
9:15 AM German Service
December 31 19:00 Uhr Jahresendegottesdienst
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