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Greyhound Collar

Sparta, Tennessee 38583
Phone : +1 888-948-2345
Collar Planet provide the best quality and a large variety of collars,
leashes, harnesses, dog apparel and unique pet products. The
majority of our products are manufacturered by a small family
manufacturer in the Midwest . We can proudly say Made in
the USA. They use the highest quality leather, Austrian crystals and
fabric in their products and the excepional workmanship really
shows in the quality of the products. All of our fabric Martingale
collars are also manufacturered in the USA and made exclusively for
Collar Planet.
Collar Planet is a supporter of the Humane Society of Nashville, TN
along with the Suncoast Animal League in FL and many other
organizations. Collar Planet's mobile pet boutique regularly
participates in fund raising events for many of these organizations.
Our Product :
Dog Collars
A Designer Inspired Dog Collar Selection of Galactic Proportions
Jeweled, leather, spiked, embroidered, animal print, lighted and Martingale dog collars to
match your dogs style
You might dress your dog in all sorts of cute dog apparel from time to time, but your dog's collar is
the one fashion accessory that will almost never be removed. We want to be sure that you're getting
the perfect collar that both you and your furry friend will love and enjoy for years to come. This is
why we've put together one of the most comprehensive selections available anywhere.
Our extensive line of puppy collars and collars for male and female dogs are available in a full
spectrum of sizes, ranging from extra small to extra extra large, and come in a tremendous variety of
styles. Our dog collars selection contains holiday and seasonal collars for keeping with traditions.
Sports fans and current
event buffs will love our
sports team, patriotic and
political collars for
showing your spirit. For
safety and convenience we
have lighted and quick
release collars. For pure
fashion sense and
individual tastes, we offer
an enormous choice of
party, animal print,
embroidered, leather,
studded, jeweled and
spiked dog collars. Don't forget to check out our popular Martingale collars.
Let your four legged friend know that he's part of the family with top quality dog collars, brought to
you by
Sub Categories
Dress up your lovable pet for
every special occasion, with
any of our specially made
designer dog costumes...
They are just too cute for
We are a leading online
provider of fashionable dog
costumes and holiday outfits
for every little four legged
party animal. Our line of
puppy costumes and
costumes for male and female
dogs are available in a full
variety of designs, including
Spiderman, clown, bumble
bee, frog, ghost, fireman, and
pirate dog costumes, plus our
personal favorite, the rocket
space dog costume. Your
heart will melt when you see
our adorable Christmas and
Thanksgiving outfits, and no
matter which one you fancy,
your dog is sure to be the
center of attention
everywhere you go.
Designer Halloween, Christmas, and Special Occasion
Costumes for Dogs
Make sure you've got a picture perfect pup for every holiday gettogether, outfit your little dog in an out-of-this-world costume
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